Maddy Harlow take strides along the Gorge Park in Esquimalt

Without a doubt, Maddy Harlow is someone to watch! Maddy is very passionate about fitness and she looks amazing in Dream Strides' premium JP Activewear collection.

Photographer Ian Simpson of IMS FotoGrafix captured these beautiful shots of Maddy taking strides along the Gorge.

As we can see, Maddy's running form is outstanding.

She is using her arms to help propel her body forward. At the same time, Maddy is leaning forward into each stride, making the motion look beautiful and effortless. Clearly, with each step she took, her foot naturally landed directly below or slightly behind the center of gravity. We will definitely be writing more about running form in future posts.

This shot below is definitely one of the favorites from that shoot. Of course, more will be posted if you keep watching this space.

Maddy is wearing the JP Activewear Tribal Zen sports bra and Luminous Capri leggings.

After the shoot, Maddy said that she really likes the clothes. Here is what she said "I absolutely love the clothes, they fit great and I will recommend them to all of my friends!"

Below is another awesome shot of Maddy wearing the signature running outfit. She looks stunning.

In the photo above, Maddy is wearing the JP Activewear Stylish Athletic Sports Bra and the JP Activewear Running Shorts.

We really enjoyed working with Maddy and we definitely hope to work with her again. :)

P.S. You can follow Maddy on Instagram here